Become a reseller

Do you want to become a Crazy Panda Reseller

The reseller option is for clients who don’t want to order in bulk and would prefer to order products as their own clients place them. A reseller client is someone who loves to market on Facebook to get orders in for that extra bit of cash in a month, working on a commission basis where-as you get our discounted rate and then place your own mark-up on the products, so your profit is solely based on your own determination to make money. 

How to become a reseller:

To become a re-seller you must contact our team to receive the application form. After filling in the application form, our marketing manager will review the application form and then advise if you have been approved. You do not have to own a business or company.  ALL RESELLER PRICING HAS ALREADY BEEN LISTED WITH EACH PRODUCT. 

We do not have a min order amount that you must adhere to as a re-seller, however you will not allowed to sell under our company name, therefore we would recommend you create a page on facebook or advertise under your OWN name. You will have to deal with all your own client queries/invoices/payments and more. You are responsible to deliver the products to your clients on your own terms and deal with any client complaints. As a re-seller we will have a folder where we will upload images without our logo for you to use which will be accessible via dropbox and we will update this folder as we go. You will also be added to our whatsapp group along with other resellers from Crazy Panda to receive any new promotions or marketing material. Please note the items will still be custom produced and therefore standard lead times will apply. 

Design fee: The design fee is not included in the re-seller pricing and therefore you can choose any of our existing designs which has been uploaded on our facebook page, or create your own designs for a product which will result in R50.00 additional design fee per “new” design. No additional fee will be charged to change/add a name to a existing design. Once a new design is launched, all re-sellers will be able to use this design. (We will start working on a catalogue throughout the year to make it easier for re-sellers to choose designs). Once a design is done, Crazy Panda has the rights to upload this to our page as well. If you cannot collect in Irene, Centurion, additional delivery fees will apply. 

VERY IMPORTANT: As a reseller you should place at least one order per month to qualify for the discounted rates. Failing to do so you will be revoked as a re-seller and standard fees will apply. This is to ensure that everyone does not apply as a re-seller and benefits from the discounted rates for personal usage only.


Please remember that you have to also read our general company T's and C's which you can find here: